How To Write A Listing

Please consider the following when you are writing your listing some of our top tips to getting noticed on our website and your listing, a person spends on average 8 seconds when looking for suppliers (this is a global statistic).  We hope the information below helps:

  • Make your Hero Shot (main photo) a scroll stopping image to grab attention and mark this photo – Hero Shot or Photo no 1
  • Use professional imagery to give an amazing impression of your business, make sure your photos fit the size given in the attached photo requirements.
  • Show yourself on a photo – people buy from people, use a front looking shot 
  • Tell it fast what future clients want to hear – instant information about you and what you provide – usually 1-3 sentences.
  • How you can solve their problem for their wedding. A hook to grab their attention? Why pick you over someone else
  • Tell them what happens next when they click contact supplier on your listing (you will receive an email direct to this email address) you will reply straight back? In wedding season there could be a short delay? Reassure them that you will reply back to them
  • Using headed sections works well for your text on your listing
  • If you are able to be – be transparent about your pricing.
  • Finally remember the more you write the less they will read and will skip to another supplier or click back so keep it short to attract.