Photo Requirements

Photos for Say I Do in France – cheat sheet guide for the photos you send us – 

  • All photos should be in a 16:9 ratio (that is, for every 16cm/px/in in width, they are 9cm/px/in in height). Pretty standard landscape mode camera picture size.


  • The majority of all websites will be set to center, center the image. This means that they pick the center point to focus on if any images are cropped to fit, this means the focus point of your photo should ideally be central.


  • All photos should be in a .jpg, .png or .webp format and should not exceed 1mb in size. Ideally, they should be no bigger than 1,200px in width (You can use photoshop, canva or sites like can help too). Always try to crop and/or scale retrospectively.


  • Always save files with SEO in mind. This means if you want to be found for “weddings in france”, you’d save them in formats like ‘bride-dancing-weddings-in-france.jpg” Always try to use hyhens (-) or underscores (_) to link the words. Please do not upload photos named IMG0000687.jpg as the SEO will not work.  I.e the name of your business so for me I would put 1. Singing Waiters in France get the party started for exapmle


  • Probably goes without saying, but try to avoid using text in images, or watermarks.